Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From the Courageous Souls at the DC Taxi Commission

When faced with the issue of making a recommendation to Mayor Fenty whether DC taxis should continue with the zone system or switch to meters, they took a courageous position of ... ok, so you know better. They took NO POSITION on either. "In a half-dozen votes, the commission declined to recommend time-and-distance meters, zone meters or any kind of meter at all. A motion to recommend that the mayor simply retain the zone system also failed."

Now you could say that they did this to say fuck you to Sen. Levin, who like other members of congress have found themselves unable to resist sticking their nose into DC matters (what, Detroit is fixed now? So Levin has time to work on DC?). THAT position I could get behind. But no, they just couldn't figure out which one would give them less heat, so they instead asked Fenty to make the decision, and tossed in option #3, the use of GPS equpment in the zone system. So now it's up to Fenty.

What WILL he do?


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