Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yes, still here

Apparently there was another strike the other day. The cabbie who picked me up told me about it. Then showed me a flyer about it. And yet still were tons of cabs on the street (I didn't have to wait long before getting one).

So if the drivers hope to make anything happen - you are going to have to get much better organized! During the last strike I was picked up by a guy who didn't know there was a strike.


At 8:38 AM, Blogger brokemoto said...

There are three problems.

1. As you mention, the communication is not very good. I have told the various organisers numerous times to bring literature about job actions well in advance, and I will announce them over the dispatch radio, as my employer is, as a rule, tolerant of such things. I never receive any literature.

2. The majority of these drivers are living day-to-day, hand-to-mouth. Some of it is owing to bad choices, some of it bad money management. Some of it is concern only for themselves and what is in front of them. Either they can not, or will not, look at the big picture. Finally, under this, we go back to Number One, and what your original post mentions: lack of communication by the organisers.

It is possible to address the lack of cooperation by drivers. Remember, the Bolsheviks were decidedly a minority in 1918, but they succeeded and their success had a major impact on history.

The first thing necessary is getting out the news. I will not be specific about some other methods that might be helpful toward ensuring the success of any job action; I doubt that this blog is the appropriate place for this.

Another thing necessary is a modicum of edgeuhmahkayshinn by the organisers of the drivers on the street. If they would get out the news of the action weeks before, inform the drivers of the reasons, tell the drivers to keep the lottery playing to a dollar or two a day for that period and to work two extra hours per day and put aside the money to hold you over during the action, there would be more participation.

3. The third problem is the historic disunity of the drivers. As mentioned above, many of them care only about themselves. Many of them have no respect for anyONE or anyTHING. This goes DOUBLE for the recent group of newcomers. Not only do they mistreat their customers, they mistreat each other and the rest of their fellow drivers. I tried to keep up the standard, just the same, but people can take only so much abuse. It has gotten to the point where I show them no respect, either.

Until the newcomers are eddikaytidd, the problems will continue. I will continue to put in my two cents, but I am not helping as much as I used to. The newcomers have demanded, and in many cases taken, the leadership of these efforts, but the efforts are only halfhearted. Their rank and file will listen to them before they will listen to us veterans. Their leaders need to get the ears of their rank and file first, then convince the rank and file to listen to us veterans. The newcomers' leaders do respect us veterans and know that we know this business. Those leaders need to bring their rank and file up to the proper standards of conduct and most of all, they must LEAD, and convince the rank and file to heed us.

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