Monday, December 26, 2005

Scariest Cab Ride

The scariest cab ride I've had in DC was back in the late 80s. I was at National Airport and looking to get a cab back home to Adams Morgan. At that time, any cab could work the airports and take as many passengers as could go. So I ended up in a cab with 2 other young professionals coming back from Thanksgiving holiday. The first drop off was at P just off of Dupont. The ride to there had seemed fair enough. The driver got the guy's luggage and then got back into the car. As he started to drive off, he turned to me and the woman remaining and asked with a straight face, "Have either of you noticed how the roads have been shaking and turning upside down?"

We looked at each other, the cab now moving, with a mutual desire to just jump out of that sucker and run. We managed to get to my apartment off of Columbia road with no incidents, and the other passenger grabbed her stuff and jumped out. When the driver asked what she was doing, she just said we were close enough to her place and she'd walk from there. He drove off and neither of us did the smart thing and take down his info, we were a bit too shaken. My roommate (who had not been experimenting with anything stronger than coffee that night) drove her home and I was just glad that the driver hadn't mentioned the moving roads while we were on the highway!


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