Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Maybe when Mad Cabbie gets back he can tell me why that Diamond Cab driver has a silver skull piece on his cab passenger door lock. Nicely propped up on top of it - warning to passengers? Who knows :).

You never appreciate the nice, clean cabs as much as after you've been in traffic going nowhere fast while you're trapped in a cab that has cigarette smoke oozing from every pore, has pieces of the cab stapled to the roof so it doesn't fall down, has a door frame that separates from the door when you close it, or has a smell that just can't quite be identified, but is definitely NOT good. Fortunately I've not had to experience more than 2 of those things in any one cab. Unfortunately, I've experienced some of them several times over the years.

And don't you love it when your head is just barely hanging onto your shoulders with a migraine from hell and you luck into the driver who either 1) can't hear the radio unless the back speakers are on maximum; or 2) considers the car horn the driving equivalent to a valley girl's use of the word "like."

Meters vs. Zones. I was in a cab in heavy traffic a couple of days ago. The driver was railing against meters. He said at one point, "If we had meters, do you know how much this ride would cost you?" I don't think he liked my response - "not much, I would have gotten out by now and gotten onto the subway while you'd be still here stuck in traffic."

And to the driver who was speeding along on the parkway while turning back to look at me while making one of his several points on Bush & the war -- no, I wasn't terrified we were going to crash and die - I've had crazier rides. But yours was close.


At 5:28 PM, Anonymous David-23 said...

You forgot the guy who's left turn signal was broken in the on position. And the guy hadn't gotten picked up yet with it. I get stopped for thinking about making a wrong turn.

At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Susan said...

In 90-degree DC heat, keeping all the windows down for a breeze that doesn't happen at rush hour crawl speed is not the same thing as AC.


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