Tuesday, July 11, 2006


When I first moved to DC, I didn't tip cab drivers. Honestly didn't know that it was even a thing to do. I never rode in cabs back home, and when I traveled, my father or bf always paid for the cabs. And when I moved to DC, I probably didn't take a cab more than once or twice a year. I don't remember when I finally realized that folks were tipping cab drivers, but once I figured out it was a thing to do, I started leaving a tip.

My favorite tip story is the guy who drove me from work to home one night. I gave him the fare plus a $3 tip. As I was getting out, he asked, "where's my tip?" (first time anyone has ever asked me that question). I said I gave him $3. His response? That I'd only given him the fare because he'd taken me 4 zones. No, it's only 3 zones I responded. He started fussing about 4 zones again. So finally I said before closing the door. "It's your choice. Either you took me 3 zones & I gave you a tip before you started to be annoying, or you took me 4 zones & I didn't give you any tip because you are annoying."

I slammed the door at that point, so if he had a rejoinder or a curse, I never heard it.