Sunday, July 02, 2006

Question for Cabbies - Cab Ownership

It's easy to tell the cabs that drivers own, (I think), a lot of independent cabs with the driver's name on the side. And I'm sure drivers of many other cabs own their cars. My question is --

Do most drivers own the cabs they drive?
If the company owns it, do you drive the same car everytime? Or is it like "Taxi" where Danny DeVito assigns drivers to different cabs each day?


At 11:15 AM, Blogger wil said...

Royal Sedan and Taxi Service (aka: Royal Cab) owns all 12 of our vehicles. Barring unusual circumstances, I always drive the same vehicle.

New York Hack works under the "TAXI" concept. Check into the garage and wait for a cab to become available. Potluck.

At 7:52 AM, Blogger Crabbie said...

It varies depending on the company and city, or even within the company. Driving a taxicab as an "independent" would make very little sense here, and be illegal.

At my company, owners drive cars they own (unless the car's in the shop). I'd guess that about two thirds of the day drivers are owners, and about half of the night guys. But some people own more than one cab - about 90% of our cabs are owned by a driver, not the company.

Lease drivers can sign up for a steady schedule, where they're assigned to drive the same cab every night they work.

Lease drivers can also play "see what the super gives you" roulette, which is what I do.

Note that we have well over 100 cabs, so this makes much more sense for us than it would for a company with a fleet as small as the one referenced above.

At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know about other citiees but in Washington D.C I would say probably 80% of the cab drivers own the cabs they drive. The one's you see with there names on the sides of the cabs are easy to distinguish that they own the cab but a lot of cab drivers own a cab that they have associated with a cab company like me. I don't want my name on the cab so I have it assocaited with the cab company and it doesn't cost much to do so.
Even if a driver rents a cab in D.C, he gets to keep it as long as he wants, unless it breaks down, and they have to go to the cab company once a week to pay the rent.


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