Friday, August 04, 2006

Death by Heat, or . . . Stench?

Ok, DC summers are always pretty miserable. But the past couple of days have been HOT HOT HOT even for us. So, when you're standing in the sun on E street hoping for a cab that will come your way instead of turning to drop off another set of tourists at Hard Rock Cafe, you jump into the first cab that actually 1) drives your way and 2) isn't full of tourists.

And you're really happy about getting into that AC cab for the ride back to the office, until you realize that you've just exchanged the blazing heat of the sun and possibly no cabs for another 10 minutes for . . . a driver who apparently is trying to fight back potential robbers with BO.

I immediately started to roll down the window. No no, he shouted, wasting air!

And here is where I fail miserably. Instead of saying, You stink! I need fresh air! I say things like, "it's not that bad out, I like the fresh air, please. " which of course doesn't work. So then I spend the next 10 minutes breathing out of my mouth and trying to think of happy smells. I was jumping out of that cab before he even came to a stop!


At 6:18 AM, Blogger CharterJames said...

"think happy smells" LOL

The fear that my body odor might be present in the cab drives me crazy. And I have had passengers roll down the windows on occasion. I find it very unnerving, even though I am obsessive about starting each shift freshly bathed and clothed, I am convinced it must be my body. Because, you see, I take cabs frequently too, and the BO can be quite disgusting. Especially first thing in the morning when my stomach can't even handle the thought of food. Taking my daughter to her 5am hockey practices, that's when cab driver BO would get me.

At 6:13 PM, Blogger DC Cab Rider said...

I'd bet that guys who bath regularly and worry about BO are the guys who smell great. It's the guys who don't think about it who need to have warning labels on their windows -- toxic fumes inside!


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