Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Random Notes - Dispatcher-Driver Fun

I've got a piece of paper in my purse I use for random notes on cab rides. Now that I've pulled it out to write some of them up I have no idea what some meant. But here's some memories jogged by the ones that I do remember on dispatcher monologues heard while riding in cabs.

Dispatcher: No, 410 [rest of address]. 410. four one zero. [pause] four ONE zero. [pause] ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE. Four ONE Zero! Are you deaf or just stupid?

Dispatcher: Who is bidding on Lincoln? Nobody? The woman is waiting. [Pause] No that one is already taken. Where are you [cab number]? That's in Georgetown. You're not in Georgetown. Stop bidding on jobs unless you're there. Take the Lincoln job. [pause]. [unrelated dispatcher chatter for a few minutes] No [cab number] You're not in Gerogetown, stop bidding on that.

Dispatcher: Use channel 2 [cab #], I can't hear you. Channel 2. [pause] Are you trying to talk to me [cab #]? I can't hear you. Use channel 2. [pause] Oh forget it. I'm done with you today.


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