Monday, March 17, 2008

If Diamond Cab #926 Stops For You - Run!

A friend's co-worker passed this story along to me - since I have a natural place to share it.

She got in this cab one morning, already somebody in it, but that's rush hour. The driver apparently had two moves. Full speed and slam on brakes. And yelled at other drivers. She said she should have gone with her 1st instinct not to get in the cab. He was in a far lane and cut off traffic in 2 lanes to get to the curb by her. That's one cabbie who wants a fare! Anyhow, after a trip that had her mentally making her will, he yelled at her for trying to pay with a $20, then made the woman in the back seat pay for her trip in change, but still didn't have enough to make the right change for the trip. First told her the charge was $14 when it was $12, then told her if she wanted change she had to go to a nearby bar (it was 10am) and get change and yelled at her when she said she was late & didn't have time.

Apparently quite an interesting run.


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Philip said...

This guy is real bad news. Yes, stay away from him. He is also accident prone, it is a wonder that anyone will insure him.

He is one obnoxious excuse for a human being.


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