Monday, March 03, 2008

Say Wha Again There?

Actually had a driver this weekend who is in favor of meters. Very vocally. I'd mention the cab company, but I have a feeling the poor guy doesn't need his co-workers beating him up ;). It has been interesting riding cabs in DC in past month or so. I haven't yet been the one to bring up the topic of meters, but it comes up almost every ride now. Twice I was told during slow traffic that "this is going to cost you when the meters come in." And both times I've responded bait with bait, as it were - with, "so I bet you can't wait to get them and make some real money"

Like meters or hate them - fine by me, just make sure if you're going to argue against them that you've got an argument that can carry some weight. If your argument is that it will cost me more money - then that should be MY reason for not wanting meters - not the driver's.

I'm absolutely neutral on the issue of meters. But I have never been neutral on the issue of poorly made arguments!


At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I drive cab too. The question is the new rate set by the Mayor are historic low. The problem with him is what should be the rates?

Gas prices and living cost is going up every day, mayor has reduced the fare to a historical low point, from where we cab drivers will bear the expense to run the cab and take care of basic needs?

I'm telling you the most cab drivers will cheat passengers at that low price set by the mayor?

Cabbies will love to fix his salary to as well as he is fixing our fares. Did he consulted the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority till now? Not yet. The meters and the fares are the dreams of the Mayor.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger DC Cab Rider said...

A good argument - and one I was trying to get out of the 2 drivers who kept focusing on "this is going to cost you."


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