Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No, I Really Don't Want to Hear it

It's an election year, DC is about to add meters to cabs. I'm not that talkative in cabs, usually looking over stuff for a meeting. But I will chat if drivers are chatty. And hard not to be between politics and meters these days.

But as this morning's driver was going on and on and on about gas prices and how many hours he is going to have to work this week to make up for the gas prices, my brain rebelled. Gas prices are high, but I don't own a car, so my discussion points on this are limited. "Yes, that is high" is about it. But at some level, I'm not sure I want to listen to recitation of how long or hard you have to work to make up for gas prices. I know, let's trade off. I'll listen to this, but then you have to listen to how I haven't had a weekend off in 3 months because we're working all out to get work done for a deadline so the organization will hire us for a second, even bigger project down the road. I don't own a car, but I do have a school loan that will take me another 10 years to pay off, and a salary that barely lets me cover rent, school loan and some basics (new shoes? what is that concept, new shoes?). I haven't had a social life in ages because I don't have time for it "right now" and keep telling myself I will soon again. When? Uhh.. haven't figured that out yet.

Do we have a deal yet? Oh wait, I forgot to mention the 2 hour brain dead meeting my boss makes me go to so she doesn't have to. Which means I'll have the choice tonight of taking work home with me again, or staying for a few more hours to finish it up so I can meet this week's third of four deadlines. Yes, that's the meeting you were driving me to this morning. Any wonder I was such a cheerful and chatty passenger?


At 10:50 AM, Blogger Mad Cabbie said...

You have been so bitter lately DCCR!

At 8:40 AM, Blogger DC Cab Rider said...

It's been a long, hard winter Mad lol.


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