Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cab For a Day

Do the drivers out there often (ever) get offers from tourists who would like to just have a car & driver for the day to take them around town?


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Mad Cabbie said...

In 1991, During the first Iraqi war, I had these very rich family from Quwait exclusively for three weeks. They had to flee their country and were staying in a Bethesda hotel. The man owned a huge corporation, boy he was very kind, they paid me well, he even trusted me so much I used to take his kids ( 7 & 9 at the time) to the movies quite a few times. The day they left for home he gave me over $1000 in left over traveller checks. This guy changed my life for good, I managed to save a few pennis for a down payment on a condo in dupont circle area which I rent out now, Besides paying me well he taught me how to save money the old fashion way.

At 6:49 AM, Blogger wil said...

In my part of the world, we call them "tours".

It is mostly done by the dayshift drivers, since you really can't see much around here after dark. We charge $75 per hour (2 hour minimum) and the typical tour is to Hana, an isolated community on the southeast corner of Mau'i. This is normally a 10 hour round trip.

The drivers who specialize in this come equipped with snacks (called "pupus" here), assorted drinks and juices and extra towels. The usual "tip" on this is $250.

Why take a "taxi tour" rather than go on a tour bus?

We'll stop where ever and for as long as you desire. The buses have a fixed itinerary and a schedule to keep.


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