Saturday, June 03, 2006

2 Cabs, 1 Airport

A couple of years ago a friend of mine & I flagged down a cab for National airport. We had luggage and told the driver where we were going while we got into the cab. All normal so far. As we're driving through Adams Morgan heading downtown, the driver started talking with someone on his phone in a language we didn't understand. So we had no idea what he was saying.

When we got to Constitution Avenue, the cab stopped by the side of the road, just behind another cab. Our driver got out, got our luggage and took it to the other cab. We followed, not wishing to be separated from it LOL - asking what on earth was going on. Our guy mumbled something and went back to his cab. The new one took us to the airport. We asked him what was going on and he didn't say anything other than he'd been asked to help finish the trip.

Still wonder from time to time what that was all about. Thoughts?


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Mad Cabbie said...

1- His cab started to overheat.
2- The cab will shake over 40mph.
3- He had to be some where ASAP.
4- The driver is wanted in VA.

At 7:04 PM, Blogger wil said...

Totally off-topic but here is an interesting video

At 6:37 PM, Blogger MJ06 said...

Hey arent the cab companies supposed to do back ground cheecks and every thing. Does Washington D.C. have tough cab laws or are they pritty lacks I swear that New York has the toughest cab laws I think its vehical inspections and that whole over priced medalion business and I think every 2 years they have to replace there cabs with new ones.

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I was in a cab driving from Dupont to Capitol Hill. The cab driver picked up a passenger along the way who wanted to go to Rock Creek. I was fine with that. But then next thing I know, the driver is talking to another cabbie at a stop light and then tells me to get out, that other cab will take me where I am going. I was like, what? You can't kick me out of the cab. And then he said he would have to take me to Rockville then. So of course, I got out of my cab to get into another one. The funny thing is, the 1st driver tried to charge me, and I said hell no, you just kicked me out of your cab! Why in the hell would I pay you for that? Now I know that is illegal... if only I had recorded his tags.


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