Thursday, October 26, 2006

Well That Was Different

Had an interesting cab experience coming home tonight. I was standing out in the street to hail a cab and there were two coming along. The first one stopped for me and I walked over to the back door. Just as I put my hand on the door handle to open it, the cab in back of it honked its horn and my cab just sped off. Leaving me there.

So I stood there, looking oddly confused, and the next cab rolled up and stopped for me. What the hey, I guess, I got in and asked what that was all about.

Apparently the first cab was from Maryland (it wasn't a bright blue Barwood cab, looked at 9pm just like any ol' DC cab) and the DC cab behind it was warning it away from me.


At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Sweet said...

That's very cool. I mean he was looking out for both of your backs I guess.


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