Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stopping for Susan - New Day, New Story

Just got off the phone with Susan. She had to share tonight's story and I'll write it up.

She was hailing a cab outside her office. A Dial cab came by, picked her up. Started driving, then asked, "you have a voucher?" She said no, then he asked, "did your office call for a cab?" "No," she said. Well apparently he'd been called for. So he dropped her off at the end of the block.

So she's back out hailing a cab again. Nothing. A dark, unmarked car is stopped at the light. The guy shouts through the open window - you want a cab? "Yes," she says. He says he'll take her. She looks at the car, it is NOT a cab, just a car. Now Susan's like me. She also takes cabs at night because she doesn't much care for walking home from the metro if it's late or dark. So here a strange guy in a car is offering up a ride. She says no. He keeps asking. Finally he flags down a cab and sends him over to Susan.

Who finally gets to go home.

Memo to guy in unmarked car -- it's a leap of faith for women alone to get into a cab, but we pretty much figure that's a safe call. (and no, I'm NOT looking for stats on the % of cab drivers who are actually serial killers). But get into a car with a stranger in the city on a dark night?

Uh ... no. no thanks.


At 4:41 PM, Blogger jeepgirl said...

ok, Susan seems to be a crap magnet. I can't say that I would have gotten into 'some guy's' car either!


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