Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Waiting for a Bus Can Be Hazardous to Your Health?

I was waiting at a bus stop this morning for the D6. I was waiting on a nice bench, just south of Dupont Circle. There were 2 other women on the bench. I started reading my paper (I always take the Style section to metro/bus with). A few minutes after I got there, a fire engine pulled up in front of the bus stop. They didn't rush out of it or anything, so I wasn't too concerned (other than wondering where my bus would be able to stop now), so went back to reading my paper.

A second or two later, there's a fireman in front of me asking, "what's the problem, ma'am?"

uh... no problem sir, I'm just reading my newspaper.

Then one of the other women on the bench says, "no, it's for us." apparently they were strangers, one had had a seizure earlier, but was sitting up and fine now. And the 2nd woman was just waiting for emergency personnel with her.

So they started drilling poor seizure woman on date ("I don't know") -- heck I never know the date. But she got day of the week, location and time of day right, so I think she was doing ok. My bus came along about then, so wandered off, grateful the firemen didn't just start tossing water on me or doing CPR or something! Nice of them to what the problem is first.


At 1:22 PM, Blogger Red said...

How odd and surreal. Reminds me of Candid Camera.


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