Monday, April 21, 2008

Meters vs. Zone Fare Estimator

I've added a link to the Post's Taxi Fare Estimator to the right. I had a link to this some months ago, along with a note that for my most common rides, the meters would be more expensive than the zone.

I decided to try it again to see.
Trip from work to home - $11 by zone; $11.50 by meter
Trip from work to current most common client - $8.80 by zone, $9 by meter.

The zone system is cheaper for me on both counts.


At 10:03 AM, Anonymous DC Native said...

Stumbled across your blog....very interesting.

I can see how the zone system may be a bit cheaper, but the meters override that by forcing cab drivers to be honest with their fare and more importantly, personal incomes.

As a DC Native, I can't tell you how often cabbies have tried to rip me off. It has gotten out of hand and the meters are a welcome addition in my book.


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