Friday, March 02, 2007

From Outside the Cab

Couple of interesting cab interactions I've viewed in the past couple of days.

First - two cabs, one passenger. One guy out on Mass. Ave late at night trying to hail a cab. A cab going in the opposite direction honked to indicate he was coming over to get him. But as he waited to make his U-turn, another cab came along. The first one pulled right up behind the interlopper, honking and shouting, "I've got this one." The poor guy seemed to be getting into the first cab, and he just stopped, looking at them both. The 2nd cabbie didn't say anything I could hear. The guy finally got into the first cab and it drove off, the 2nd cab following them honking.

Which brings us to second cab interaction sighting.

Second - a cab making a turn into a lane with people in the crosswalk. Nothing cabs don't do on any given day, but this time, we weren't the only ones watching from across the street. So was a DC cop car. It took off after the guy and stopped him. Not sure if there was anyone in the cab. We didn't wait around to see if the driver got a ticket or hauled off :).


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