Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dream Job?

While I'm pounding the pavement - let me know what your dream job is in the new poll.

Posting sooner than I thought

Yelled at a cab driver a couple of days ago. Couldn't help myself. Just came out. A friend had taken me out to dinner and hailed a cab to take us back home (friends are being great to me these days!). Just a few minutes after we get in the cab, driver starts going on and on about the new meters, how unfair they are to drivers, etc. Sarah mentions that she's paid about the same for most of her rides, I say that I have paid more on average. Driver keeps going anyhow. We get a 5 minute rant on how much money he's losing especially when the meter stops at $19. After all of that I finally shouted back at him - "well at least you HAVE a job. Not all of us do!" Sarah burst out laughing at me and I started laughing at her. The driver was not amused. Started in on how being out of work would make him more money than driving does these days.

We decided to just tune him out and started having our own conversation. I don't know what Sarah gave him as a tip, but I doubt if it was much.