Friday, April 28, 2006

Diamond Cab Story, You Say?

dctaxistories - you made an intriguing comment about Diamond cab drivers having to be 90 years old -- that it's another story. I'd love to hear and am all ears!

The oldest driver I've had so far drove a red cab, not sure the company. He was very nice, but very hard of hearing, so getting the address right took a little while, but that's fine. Such is life. Once and a while though I could not restrain myself from reminding him that his turn signal was still on (blocks after he'd used it).

There is a Right Side of the Road

One thing I always try and do is stand on the right side of the street when hailing a cab. If I'm going west, I stand on that side of the street (even if that street is Penn ave. downtown where there's a whole lot of lanes to cross in annoying traffic). Not everybody does that, but I don't see so many of them in one night. Last night was riding in a cab going north on Wisconsin. We got flagged by 3 different folks wanting a cab (it's a DC thing, sharing is ok). So we stop so the driver can ask where they're going - if it's the same direction, they can get in. Each and every one of them was going downtown (south, the opposite direction). After the third one, driver & I were both just laughing at it. Figured that there was a breakdown in thinking last night.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Best Way to Get There? Got Me.

Most cabbies just head off when I give them the address I'm going to. But once and a while I'll get one who asks what the best way is to go. I usually say the same thing, "I have no idea what the traffic is like now, nor where new construction is." I don't have a car, I don't drive through the city on any regular basis. Cab drivers, on the other hand, are out there on the streets. Why would they want to substitute my direction sense for theirs?

I know there's all those scenes in movies with folks in NY cabs giving directions to drivers, but that's not me. I can't imagine someone wanting me to be a back seat driver. I'd rather read my paper or work or listen to the radio or talk to the driver than shout out directions the whole way along.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Share stories, let's hear from drivers

What are some of the odd or interesting tales you have of people riding in your cabs?

Share stories -- Let's hear from riders,

What are some of your stories of riding in DC cabs? (or cabs in general)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring Break Thing?

Got a rid in a cab yesterday with an older gentleman (60s or so I'd say) and his two grandchildren, who were sitting in the front. And yes, only one of them had a seat belt on, which I thought was pretty daring in a city known for cops who pull you over for that $50 no seat belt fine.

Anyhow, he was quizzing the kids on spelling. And was picking up words as we were going along. So the spelling bee ended up being words like condominium, lease, massachusetts, church, etc. At one point he quizzed them on Connecticut's spelling. When one of the girls ended with only one t, he "corrected" her by saying it was Connecticutt. Not being one to correct a grandfather in front of the kids, I just rode in silence. Fortunately, at one point, we crossed Connecticut Ave., and he caught the error.

All in all, an interesting ride. At one point, one of the little girls complained about the spelling bee, saying that she didn't need spelling and it wasn't being taught anyhow. Well THAT brought a major lecture on the state of schools today, and how she'd darn well better learn to spell if she wanted to have any kind of life.

Monday, April 10, 2006

My Own Personal Poetry Reading

Had a cab ride home the other night by a man who announced that he recites his poetry for passengers, and gave me a copy of his book "Power of Pen" to look through. I'm not much for poetry, I can recite a few lines of old English poets with the best of them, but that's about it. But what was so much fun was the joy he had reciting his poetry. He got so animated while reciting at a couple of points that his hand was waving about in the air and I thought for a moment -- "is this safe driving?" LOL

Anyway, definately a ride out of the usual.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

To Share or Not to Share

I don't mind sharing. In fact, if I'm not in a real rush, I'll do what I did a couple of days ago when getting into a cab, let the driver know that "I don't mind sharing."

Well this driver (English not native language) apparently thought I said the exact opposite of that. He turned to me and said, "Then you will pay a second seat." I got very confused and asked him to clarify. Turned out he was saying that if I had said I DO mind sharing that he was going to charge me double the rate.

I've heard of double the rate for snow, but double the rate for not wanting to share? That seems bizarre - but who knows. Thoughts from readers?