Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Few New Links

Take a look under my links for Drivers & Cab Related Folk over on the right. I've added a few more folks to the list, including more international drivers and cab riders. Some of these folks are just starting up their blogs - so stop by and say howdy if you've got a minute.

Diamond Cab silliness

This is what I get for posting this after a day full of meetings. And for not writing it down when it happened. Mad Cabbie is going to yell at me. Was on our way to a meeting this morning in a Diamond Cab and the dispatcher was having a tough time with one of his drivers. Unfortunately, I can't remember if it was #320 or #350, but it was one of those. The dispatcher kept asking that driver to be quiet, must have been at least 10 times in the space of a couple of minutes. Finally he gave the guy an address and said for him to go get it. Next thing you know, the dispatcher comes back on, saying that the annoying guy didn't want it after all and another cab should take it.

The dispatcher's side of the conversation was pretty amusing, and because I didn't write things down, I'm doing a crappy job of telling this story. So I'm going to stop now. ;)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Licensed & Unlicensed Cabs

When I was a kid, unlicensed cabs were something you'd hear about here in DC from time to time. I haven't heard stories about them for a while now. And I'm wondering if enforcement has gotten better, or if unlicensed cabbies are harder to spot? I've been in cabs where the driver bore little resemblance to the photo ID, but is that because it's an old ID, or because it's his cousin and he's driving the cab illegally?


I've been in a couple of cabs that have the same sign - No Smoking and Do Not Slam the Door. I don't smoke, and I only slam doors when I'm mad. But I started thinking about smoking and cabs. How hard it must be to be a cab driver these days, when so many people don't smoke and might refuse to get into your cab if it smells like smoke.

On the other hand, smoking cabbies are probably making tons of money in the late night and overnight crowd (what do you think Mad Cabbie?).

Friday, February 23, 2007

Unloved, Unwanted, Unclean?

I swear, I took a shower! I had a breath mint, I don't think I stink or appear unwashed. But now that I live on Conn. Ave. north of the metro, cab drivers don't like me so much. I moved recently after my building was sold out from under me. I'm in a 2-br with a friend and this apt. is our compromise for where we work. Anyhow, I've tried to get a cab home from work a couple of times since I moved and I've been turned down. No, legally they're not supposed to do that, but nobody wants to go from Capital Hill to upper Conn. Ave. There's a bus up the street from the metro, but the walk from my office to the metro is too many dark scary streets for me late at night.

I got into two different cabs on different nights. Told the driver my address and each time was turned down! The first guy said he was just on his way home when he stopped for me. I argued with him for a bit and finally got him to drive me to the metro stop. The second guy just started shaking his head saying "too far, too far" and waved me out of the cab. Just as I was getting out, a second cab was coming along, so I waved him down. He rolled down the window and asked "why didn't you take him?" (the 1st cab). I didn't know how to answer for a minute. If I say my apt. was too far away, does this guy drive off too? But I couldn't think of anything else to say, so I said that. The guy said get in, that's just wrong of him!! What a sweet heart! And you can bet he got as big a tip as I could afford!

And no, this wasn't during the snow & ice mess. So that wasn't any excuse.