Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another Blown Call - Yellow Cab

Did you know you can arrange for a cab on yellow cab's online site? Fill out the form, tell them when and where. So I filled at the form at 8, asking for a cab at 9. Got a call about 15 minutes after sending in the form to confirm. So far, so good. Then the dreaded (ok, well I've come to dread it) phrase, "we'll call you when the cab is there." Wait. I asked for a cab at 9. Can't you just have one there at 9? Isn't 45 minutes enough lead time? I am trying to get a lot of work done before the weekend, and I can't sit by the phone to wait for that call. I just want to walk out of my office and find a cab there at 9, as I asked.

So from 8:45-9, I manage to be within earshot of my phone if it rings. No ring. So at 9, I go outside just in case. No cab. Nadda. Finally around 9:15 I decide to walk those two kinda scary blocks (hey, I'm a single gal, it's not a great neighborhood at night) to a street with more traffic, and hail a cab. Lesson learned.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Thanks DC Blogs

It's always good to be noticed, so thank you DC Blogs for mentioning my new venture.

I'd like to hear some experiences (bad or good) from other folks - what's been your worst or best cab ride experience in DC?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Calling Yellow Cab

For the second time last night I called Yellow Cab to get a ride home late after work. I should have learned from my first experience. For whatever reason, calling them after 7, I've found the phone rings and rings and rings, or is busy. Then when I finally got an answer, that "5 to 20" minutes we'll call you back ends up being 30 minutes without anyone calling at all.

So I finally gave up and walked a few blocks to a busy street and found a cab. It's not that I don't like walking, it's that I do get a bit nervous in my work neighborhood walking in the dark.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Goodbye Gas Increase, Hello Permanent Increase

The gas increase expired on 1/8/06, and today a permanent increase went into effect that for some will equal the gas increase.

The $1 rush-hour surcharge and a $1.50 charge for each additional passenger remain unchanged. The new fares are:
One zone -- $6.50, up from $5.50
Two zones -- $8.80, up from $7.60
Three zones -- $11, up from $9.50
Four zones -- $12.60, up from $11.50
Five zones -- $14, up from $12.80
Six zones -- $15.50, up from $14.10
Seven zones -- $17.80, up from $16.20
Eight zones -- $18.90, up from $17.20