Thursday, July 26, 2012

Diamond cab #926 - run!!!

I can't believe I didn't remember my own advice from this blog a few years back. Cab #926 in the Diamond group is operated by some psycho. Had a ride in the cab today that made me start wishing I was Catholic and had rosaries to fondle! Definitely a crazy driver.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Bit Quick on the Trigger?

Driver the other day started the meter before I even opened the door. Since I'm paying 30% more per ride these days (I thought it was bad, when I did the math I got a rage headache), I was not amused. For some sad reason it took me a very long time to actually get out of the cab when we arrived. I'm such a forgetful klutz.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Yes, I am still here. And still riding in cabs (far less often, and for far more money, more on that later). As of almost a year ago, you can now call me Mrs. DC Cab Rider, but for ease of use reasons, I will continue to use my maiden name. A new job, a wedding (note to prospective brides, courthouse weddings rule! You still get all the gifts and you don't spend your life savings on a silly party), and other life changes. But still in DC.

And that brings me to riding cabs. The cost when I started blogging for a cab from home to downtown was $12. Remember the Zone System? So then cabs got meters and a price raise. My cost went up to $17. To save that $5 I rode fewer cabs. And as a result drivers screamed poverty (really? a raise = poverty?) and got another raise. Now my cost is $25 on good days. I've broken the $30 barrier twice. Drivers are now bitching to me that they can't charge extra for more passengers. They don't bitch about it long because I hit them with the "are you NUTS?!! I'm screwed at these prices and you're bitching about this 2nd raise?"

Have you heard about Uber? I have. I like Uber. I use Uber. It's about the same cost, but without the feeling that I'm being played. More down the road when I'm not pissed off (yeah, had a $34 cab ride today - so venting).