Saturday, December 30, 2006

Have a Happy New Year's All

Ok, so I've been a bit busy with family & friends & the holidays. Bad blogger! Bad!

Remember, if you've been out partying all night New Year's Eve -- no drinking and driving. Leave that to the professionals (professional drinkers or professional drivers, I'm not sure, but leave it to them).

Leave the keys at home and do what I do, wander aimlessly into the streets with your friends at 2am and wonder why all the cars are honking & swirving around you as you make your way back to somebody's house.

Or, do as you should, and call a cab. Apparently you get freebies on NYEve. (that's free rides, I think, although having never taken advantage of the offer, I'm not 100% sure of what's free).

enjoy all!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Left this on Blank Top Chronicles -- but thought I'd put it here too

Ok, so I don't call for cabs much, but really. This from Wednesday:

Me: I'd like a cab please
Her: What's your destination?
Me: National Airport
Her: I don't need that, I need your address first.
Me: But you ASKED for my destination.
Her: No I didn't.
Me: Ok, I don't want to be difficult, but you did, and that's my destination.
Her: I didn't ask for your destination.
Me: Ok, well can I get a cab?
Her: [I SWEAR] What's your destination?
Me: You just did it again! My destination is National Airport. But that's not where I am now.
Her: So where are you NOW?
Me: [gives my address]
Her: And your destination?
Me: [hitting head with phone in my mind] National Airport.
Her: Ok.
hangs up.

uhh... any thoughts on when the cab might actually come? No phone number wanted? I figured she was blowing me off and just called a different company. Did get to the airport on time anyhow.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Airport Cab?

Saw an odd site this morning. A black cab with the label "Airport Cab" on the side. Ok, but in DC the situation is that any cab can take you TO the airport, but only cabs belonging to a specific company can pick you up FROM an airport. This cab wasn't marked as belonging to that company.

What gives?

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