Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ride Sharing

In District BM (Before Meters), drivers could cram as many riders into the cab as they could get, all going different places. In District AM, that option official exists only from Union Station. So I was a little surprised to have been in two cabs in the past few weeks doing ride sharing. Each time the first person in (once it was me) was on the meter, and the 2nd person in (other time me) was given a price that basically corresponded to the BM rate days.

Am wondering if others have noticed that ride sharing seems to be making a comeback.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Lame Blogger Still Lame

Sorry I'm not keeping the blog going these days - lots of other things going on in life. Am doing some contracting work and have gone back to school. So not lots of free time. And not much cab riding going on.

Am excited about getting a new president, but it's hell on traffic :). Penn Ave in front of the White House got closed of some years ago, but now with Obamas in the Hay Adams, they've closed off H street and a few others. Then come the inaugural, and it's going to be hell on wheels to drive in the city. Will be interesting to see how many cab drivers brave the city over inaugural weekend.