Sunday, May 27, 2007

Don't Yell at Me!

Got in a cab a couple of weeks ago, shut the door. I did NOT slam it, really. I can barely get them closed most of the time, slamming one is beyond my arm strength. Well the driver turned around after I shut the door and screamed at me: "Can't you read? The sign says don't slam the door!" I didn't slam it, I said, but I'm sorry if I pulled it too hard. "You slammed the door, just admit it." He yelled back. I sat there, wondering what his problem was, and started to give him the address. "You slammed the door!" he yelled again. We're still standing still - not going anywhere.

I didn't want a piece of his mental breakdown, so I got out of the cab and -- you can guess, I'm sure -- Slammed that door as hard as I could and went to flag down a different cab.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad Cabbie!

I doubled with another woman going downtown the other morning. She was going a little further out of my way than I like, but it was a nice morning and I wasn't in that much of a rush so what the heck.

Driver got us near her spot, but on the wrong side of a couple of one way streets. Argued that she had told him the wrong address (I heard her too - she gave the right address, he screwed up). After he finally got turned around enough to get her to her job, and after she got out, he started ragging on her, then stopped and said, "but the customer is always right." I didn't say anything, at this point was just wanting to get to work. And then he almost hit a guy in a cross walk, right in front of a scooter cop, and got into a shouting match with the cop!

I guess the cop had better things to do, because he didn't arrest or ticket the driver, just told him to shut up before he would get arrested. So yes, got an earful of how horrible cops are after we started driving again.

In the end, what had started as a nice ride in good weather turned out to be a "just let me the hell out of here now" ride.

I am a bad blogger

There's been a lot going on in life - including a break up that really hurt. But no excuse for not keeping up with the blog and I apologize. I am going to try and get things together and do a better job.